The beauty of Organic Wholesome Foods

*Walnuts & its Unique Design

We’ve all heard of English Walnuts as one of the healthiest types of nuts to consume on occasion, but this unique nut has more than just some healthy fats your body needs to function! Walnuts contain phytonutrients your body needs to remain active and healthy (Nutrition Facts, 2017, p.1). As most of us already know, the captivating shapes of walnuts are also strikingly similar to the shapes of our brains! Thus, nature itself must have (well, not really intentionally, lol!) known that it is indeed a quite nutritious nutrient for our brain health. Another unique fact about English Walnuts is that it can help you with reducing inflammation within the body and even by reducing body fat! So, maybe you should grab a handful of Walnuts while your on-the-go each day!

***Be Healthy & Eat to Live a Healthy Life!