Pure Essential Oils & It’s Magic


History of Herbal Medicine

Essential Oils have been around for many years. In fact, as much as 5,000 years ago essential oils were used in healing human ailments; the Ebers Papyrus was first recognized in Eygpt for its use in ceremonies and rituals, which was listed on its scrolls.

What Type of Oil is for YOU

Based on various herbs and its powerful ability to heal the body, you can find just about any kind of pure essential oil remedy that best suits your needs! For example, lavender oil and peppermint oils are known to help relieve tension and headaches when you apply it to your temples.

*The powerful essence of the oils provides your senses with relaxation and stimulation. No wonder why essential oils are potent in improving your mood and overall wellbeing!

Essential Oils

Pure oregano oil; this oil works quite well for a number of ailments to heal the body naturally such as a natural healer for inflammation, bacteria, and to aid the body.

Pure Sandalwood essential oil is an amazingly sweet, woodsy oil that can be used for a variety of ailments such as anxiety, mental clarity, and an anti-inflammatory agent. This amazing oil helps to relieve stress and gain mental clarity while improving your overall wellbeing. ***In fact, the highest quality sandalwood is the Indian variety, known as Santalum album.


                                                                            Tips on Oregano Oil 

*As a tip, take a few drops of pure oregano oil and put in a glass of water before attempting to use the potent oil in your mouth. Note: Pure Oregano oil is strong and has a very powerful taste that may not be pleasant to your taste buds!


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