Connect with Nature

Today was a great day out, venturing off into the woods and mountains in beautiful, sunny Southern, California! The crisp air was amazingly relaxing, and the various trails were truly an exploration of resonating with nature to enjoy the hike.

The best way to gain strength and clarity can be as easy as taking a walk in the park, or a lovely new hiking trail someplace peaceful! Connecting with Nature helps to ease the mind of any stress that may be weighing you down, especially while we are in a digital age that leaves most of us unattached to nature.

*Currently, various studies are conducted to determine the relationship between our well-being and happiness with nature. The International Community for Ecopsychology says, “Ecopsychology explores the synergistic relationship between personal health and well-being and the health and well-being of our home, the Earth.”

Heighten Your Creativity

Going out on a hike and taking in the beauty of the Earth’s land can be a great way to help remain vigilant. Hiking is also a health benefit by keeping your blood pumping and to build strength in your quads, hamstrings, and glutes! Not only can you gain great health by getting out and connecting with nature, but you can also obtain some amazing creativity and peace-of-mind.

Improves Teamwork Skills

single Going on a nature hike can improve your communication skills among those you hike with. For instance, you need to be able to make sure your group remains together by using clear signals so no one gets left behind.

Most importantly, you need to remain safe and aware of your surroundings. Great leaders and followers take care of one another and are always committed to keeping the group safe at all times. So, the next time you take a walk into nature, you might want to try to take some time to collaborate with your group, and take advantage of building your skills together!

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