How Stress Impacts the Healing Process

Did you know that psychological stress can alter the way your body heals? Studies show that physiological stress responses interfere with the ability of the body to heal properly (Nci,gov, 2010). For instance, stress can trigger the body to produce cortisol which can impede the healing process. Evidence indicates that psychological stress can indirectly modulate the repair process by promoting health-damaging behaviors.

An observational study was conducted on fifty-three older adults with chronic lower leg wounds (Nci gov, 2010). The assessment displayed diverse results of the speed of wound repair. As a result of the study, patients who experienced high levels of depression and anxiety were 4 times more likely to be categorized in the delayed healing group in comparison to individuals who reported less distress. The study also displayed how distress predicted wound healing.

How Stress Alters the Healing Time

Healing from a surgical or injury wound is an important function and process of the human body. The body goes through a number of stages to heal from a wound, from inflammation to vasoconstriction and blood coagulation and so forth. Some of us tend to forget just how complex our bodies are and how much our minds can interfere with the healing process itself. Psychological stress can interfere with how the body heals, and in turn, create longer hospital stays and other complications.


***Recap: Knowing how your body reacts to stress should help you better observe your mental health and how to care for your health. Take the proper steps necessary to calm your mind and focus on remaining positive.

The healing process is imperative to help your body heal hastily. Be aware of what causes your stress levels to increase as well as how you react to it; your actions and behaviors can prolong the healing process and interfere with your overall health and well-being if you are unable to cope properly.


***NOTE: Seek professional help if you experience chronic anxiety and depression.***


To Better Health and a Happier Life.





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