How Stress Nearly Dominated My Health

Daily life is mundane and boring when you are not doing what you enjoy doing in your life. Washing dishes, cleaning floors, making dinner, and doing laundry after coming home from two different jobs was painful, and the stress was accumulating each day as I soon began to realize troublesome stomach pangs that slowly became an everyday occurrence. Is this normal I asked myself?

One thing is for certain, your family, friends, and coworkers do not give the best health advice! However, they do want to offer their input in hopes of helping you. Let me ask you this: Would you go to your family member’s house to let them perform surgery on you? Of course not! Unless that person is a Dr. or qualified professional medical surgeon and has the skills and training etc. to remain in practice.

Healthcare Professional, Specialist, and Research Reputable Sources.

10 years ago, I made the mistake of asking others if it was okay to feel tired, sick to your stomach, and unwell, and to my surprise, most people couldn’t wait to jump in and offer their advice and experiences!


Comments such as, “I had that too!” “Oh, it’s nothing serious; I’ve felt like that for years and I’m fine!” “You are probably just tired from work. Get some rest and you will feel better.”

I was losing sleep, having nightmares, and my digestive system was on the verge of ruining my daily life. Soon headaches and migraines seeped in and before I recognized it, I was in pain each and every day. I couldn’t figure out what the cause of the symptoms was, and hesitated about seeing a professional due to ignoring the various symptoms plus I didn’t want to complain. However, I had no idea just how hard it would be to finally get my health in check.


Weeks turned into months, then months turned into years. I continued to experience the pain and endless sleeplessness, which plagued my life. However, I ignored the signs yet again and decided to exercise to shift my focus from my problems.

That’s when I realized I couldn’t run for more than 2 minutes without gasping for air, and suddenly a sharp pain began plaguing my left side of the abdomen. The throbbing, gut-wrenching pain continued for weeks before I stopped exercising. I couldn’t run anymore. The pain had gotten so intense to ignore at this point. Something wasn’t quite right.



Unfortunately, my answers were not resolved with just one Dr. visit. I had to see a few before finding out what was going on with my health. However, before these pangs began again, I had been hospitalized for several disruptive symptoms prior to these new appointments, which, to my dismay, left me no clear answers in the end.

***I convinced myself that it was all in my head.***

In fact, I had to advocate for my health various times until I finally got a Dr.’s attention. After seeing a specialist for my health, I was informed about the growth on my left ovary that was growing. In that moment, I froze thinking to myself, how did this happen? I eat right, take nutritional supplements, and even exercise but that didn’t exclude me from developing a tumor.


Constant Worry and Overthinking Consumed my days.

What caused these aching pains, constant migraines, and horrible symptoms to occur in the first place? How did this happen to me? How come I didn’t take better care of my health needs?

The time this occurred was during a time of great stress in my life and while unable to keep up with the demands of my hectic schedule, my body worked on getting me to stop what I was doing by alerting me that something had to change.

We all need to take the time to rid our bodies of stress daily before it accumulates and affects our overall health and wellbeing. 

We cannot ignore the fact that woman face a great deal of pressure to keep up with a variety of expectations and we want to excel at life, so we prevent shame and maintain our dignity by conforming to society’s standards of what a good woman should be. Unfortunately, some women are competitive in the workforce to the point when they will put themselves last on the “care list” by caring and tending to their families and loved ones while working a full-time job.

***Stress can be overwhelming for most of us, so it’s inevitable that we receive proper healthcare and nutrition to overcome these challenges.

Looking back at the past decisions I’ve made makes me want to scream at the top of my lungs at my former self! Most importantly, how can you let other people dictate how you feel about your health? It is YOUR health, your body/autonomy! Simple.

However, you are the one who has to make the decision to stop listening, or even asking others for advice that you know will not give you the results you need to get better. STOP. Pay attention to your needs and seek out more than one Dr. to address those needs. Second and third opinions may be necessary to locate and access proper care.

The importance of Assessing Your Health

MY Experience 

Soon I couldn’t run or exercise much anymore due to a horrific, throbbing pain on the left side of my abdomen. Everything I ate made me incredibly sick to my stomach. I could barely eat anything, though my stomach continued to expand. I lost my appetite and was sick with worry and frustration.

Surgery and Complications

I could not imagine how I lost so many years of my life entangled with emotions that nearly overtook my life. However, reality soon sank in after finding out I had a developed a growth, a tumor on my left ovary. By the time I had a specialist observe my abdomen yet again, this tumor grew to the size of a large orange.

There was no doubt in my mind to get the tumor removed. I set up the appointment and within a few weeks, I was in surgery to remove the tumor. After having the tumor removed through surgery, I had to undergo a hysterectomy at the age of 34.

The surgery went rather well, or so I thought at the time. After laying in the hospital bed in recovery, I couldn’t feel my legs, then arms and fingers. I felt frozen in time. My body was stiffening and unable to move. I attempted to speak but could no longer talk. It was so difficult to do anything. Though, I could still mumble and open my eyes. I thought to myself that this was just how it is in recovery.

My fingertips had turned blue and my breath kept getting shallower with each passing minute, as I lay motionless in that blue hospital bed I could feel my body slowly start to shut down. Little did I know that I was internally bleeding for the last 5-7 hours after the surgery. The nurses came in and just assumed I was lazy and didn’t want to stand up and walk. However, they failed to look at the blood pressure readings and if they had checked it at that moment, they would have seen that my blood pressure levels were dropping significantly.

Another nurse came in to observe my recovery. My Dr. came walking in to check up on me, and to my surprise, he didn’t look happy. At this moment, I groaned to signal to him that I was still awake, but I just couldn’t move or talk. He lashed out angrily at the two nurses beside him and said,”What are you doing! Can’t you see this patient’s nails are blue?!” Before I realized it, I was rushed out of the room and into the operating room yet again.

The Dr. realized that when he performed the surgery an inner tear was not sewn, which resulted in the loss of blood, roughly 4 pints of blood. All I could hear in that moment was the Dr. and the anesthesiologist talking back and forth and someone frantically says, “There’s so much blood, she’s losing too much blood.” Then, it was completely silent.

***I don’t know how this occurred. Darkness consumed the moment as I realized I was not in my body. I could see myself standing on top of a huge circular object that felt highly magnetic from which my feet were bound to like glue, limiting my movement.
Upon where my feet stood, I could see a vast Majestic Cosmo scenic view amidst an odd awry of objects underneath my surroundings. There appeared to be several large “planets” beneath me. A very odd experience indeed. 

In this moment, I realized this “world” is much larger and complex than we dare to imagine. Most of us are bound to it to accomplish what we came here for and I wasn’t ready to part ways just yet.

All the Best,




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